Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

COUNSELOR NEWS: Clark State Visit 2nd period in room 119.


Graduate Services GCCC Order date is Tuesday, November 11th.


There will be a College Knowledge Meeting at GHS on Thursday, October 23rd in the Study Hall room from 5:30-6:30. Parents are invited to attend this presentation focusing on the college application process, including choosing a college, filling out applications, getting accepted, and much more.  Students, please encourage your parents to attend this informative presentation.


ATTENTION:       There will be a "5 Minutes for Life" meeting in the auditeria hosted by the State Highway Patrol. All athletes are encouraged to attend.


Play practice Tonight from 3:15-5:15pm


Greene Club meeting THIS MORNING has been rescheduled for tomorrow.


Soul'D Out meeting THIS MORNING during Advisory period.  Soul'D Out lunch meeting also on Wednesday.


English and Social Studies after-school tutoring TODAY will begin at 3:30 instead of 3:15


Parent Teacher Conferences Thursday from 3:30-7pm.  Call the office to schedule conference times.


Cancer-walk this Friday during a one hour pm assembly.  Cost is $2.00 to participate and all monies to be paid to the Jamestown Families Cancer Care Group.  This money will be paid to your 7th period teachers.  The assembly will include the Men In Heels Race and Senior athletes pep rally.  If you know someone who has cancer and you would like to honor or remember them, please give the names to Mrs. Benton by Wednesday.  GCCC students are invited to attend; and must pay Ms. Denger at the Career Center by noon this Friday. You must have a pass to attend and sign in immediately upon arrival at GHS.


SPORTS: Golf awards program TONIGHT at 6:30 in the auditeria.  All golfers are expected to attend.


Go to JJ Huddle and vote for Greeneview Football for team of the week!!!


Winter sports athlete and parent meeting will be Monday, October 27th @ 6:30pm at the High School.  All athletes planning on trying out for a winter sport needs to attend.


All students who plan to play a winter sport need to have their parent register for their sport on the school website under athletics.


LUNCH TODAY IS: Corn Dog with Cucumber slices and hummus dip


LUNCH TOMORROW WILL BE:    General Tso Chicken with rice




BIRTHDAYS: Trevor Butts and Alyx Applewhite