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Greeneview High School
Dance Contract

In order to promote a healthy, safe and enjoyable evening for all students, the following procedures are in place for dances.  All parents and students must read, understand and sign this agreement prior to ticket purchase.  Should a student violate any of these guidelines, he/she will be instructed to leave the dance.  This contract serves as the first warning. Upon arrival to the dance, each student will receive a bracelet to wear during the duration of the dance.  If a chaperone determines that a student is in violation of any dance rule, the bracelet will be removed.  This is the second warning.  Any further violations will result in removal from the dance.  Should a student be removed from the dance, there will be no refunds.  In addition, students who are asked to leave the dance may receive school disciplinary action at the discretion of school administrators.  Parents will be notified if a student is removed from a dance.

Incomplete forms, or forms suspected of being forged, will not be accepted.  Students who turn in incomplete or forged forms will not be allowed to attend the dance.  If the forgery isn’t realized until after tickets are purchased but before the dance, the student will not be allowed to attend the dance and no refunds will be given.


GHS Student Name (print):  _________________________________________

Grade Level:  ________________ Date:  ______________


Ticket Policy

  1. A dance contract must be completed and signed prior to purchasing tickets.
  2. If a student is bringing a non-Greeneview student to the dance, he/she must turn in the guest permission form no later than 3:00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the dance. No exceptions, no late forms.
  3. No refunds will be given to students who do not show up, are not allowed to enter due to improper behavior or dress or are removed from the dance for behavior.
  4. No junior high students are permitted at high school dances.
  5. No students over 21 years of age are allowed to attend any high school dances.
  6. The GHS students are responsible for their guests at all times and may be disciplined for the actions of their guests.
  7. All Greeneview rules of conduct and dress code apply to a guest.



Dance Rules

  1. All rules apply on and off the dance floor.
  2. Appropriate behavior and dancing is expected at all dances. Sexually explicit and/or provocative dancing will be grounds for removal from the dance.
  3. The basic concept of the school dress code policy will be enforced.  Dresses should be at least fingertip length.  Attire that is overly revealing, low cut, or excessively sheer is not appropriate for any school activity.  Please keep this in mind when renting or purchasing your attire.  Choose wisely and check with a school administrator if you are in doubt.


  1. Should a student be required to leave the dance, parents will be contacted.  If the student did not drive, he/she is expected to call for a ride immediately.  If a student is non-compliant, there will be additional consequences.
  2. Individuals attending the dances are not to use profane language, drugs, alcoholic beverages or tobacco.  If a student is found to be under the influence or in possession of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco, he/she will be suspended per district policy.
  3. No one leaving the dance will be re-admitted.  If a student leaves the building during the dance, he/she is expected to leave the premises immediately.
  4. The principal makes the final decision in determining if either dress or behavior warrants immediate removal without warning.


I have read and understand all of the above rules and agree to abide by them.  In addition, by signing below, I acknowledge, understand and will accept the consequences for inappropriate behavior.  Both student and parent signatures are required below.


Student Signature:  __________________________________________________      Date:  ___________________


As a parent/guardian, I understand and agree to the school rules and the rules set forth in this dance contract and by signing below, I acknowledge and understand the above dance contract expectations.

Parent Signature:  ____________________________________________________   Date:  ___________________


Phone Number (where parent can be reached during dance)  _________________________________