Greeneview High School
News Release
April 10, 2006

Greeneview Local Schools is campaigning to pass a half- percent income tax renewal levy for operating expenses. This is not a new tax. The original levy was passed five years ago and is up for renewal. There will be a zero percent tax rate increase if the levy passes, however, there will be a loss of $700,000 in current operating expenses if it fails. The spring campaign has included a Community Forum where community members generated a list of frequently asked questions about district operations. These questions were answered and mailed to those who participated in the forum and all GLSD parents.. An informational brochure is being distributed at every public school event. A district newsletter was also sent to every household. Large levy signs have been placed throughout the district and over two hundred individual yard signs are on display to alert registered voters of the upcoming election on May 2nd. Individual residents are writing letters to the editors. A special editorial page for student opinions concerning the levy is planned for the Xenia Daily Gazette. A postcard reminding registered voters to "Vote Yes for Issue 1" will be mailed the week before elections. All expenses for conducting a school funding campaign must come from private sources. Lee Snell is the treasurer of the Greeneview Levy Committee responsible for the reporting of all expenses. The committee recently met to assemble the yard signs. Two student volunteers, Heather Talkington and Kyle T. Brown, are pictured arranging a quantity of yard signs for distribution.