First Grade Supply List 

Please put your learner’s name on all supplies

1 pair pointed scissors
1 box of fat, washable markers (basic colors), left in their box
2 large eraser (pink)
1 book bag, large enough to put winter coat inside (please bring daily) 1 large box of tissues
4 large glue sticks, (no bottle glue), preferably Rose Art or Elmers
1 inexpensive set of headphones for computer
1 box of no more than 24 crayons, basic colors only, still in their box 1 large box of WetWipes or baby wipes
1 pkg of 4 dry erase markers
1 box of colored pencils still in box 1 box of gallon baggies and paper towels (boys)
1 box of quart baggies and paper plates (girls) 

Each classroom teacher will send an additional list home at Open House.


Second Grade Supply List    
These items are needed at school each day and will stay at school. 

Please have pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, scissors, markers, and colored pencils available 
at home also.
2 Large erasers
1 box  24-count #2 pencils
Papermate Pencils are preferred because they sharpen much better and last longer.  We combine pencils for the groups, so please buy yellow instead of decorative.
1 Elmer’s White Glue, small bottle
1 pair of pointed scissors (Make sure they fit your child’s hand.)
1 box of Crayola Markers - fat markers, basic colors
1 box of crayons (24 count)
1 large glue stick (to be replenished throughout the year as needed) Ziploc bag marked with student’s name and the following coins - 
40 pennies, 10 nickels, 10 dimes, and 4 quarters - needed for math starting the 2nd day of school,
will be returned at year’s end.
2 large boxes of Tissues (2 large boxes)
1 roll of paper towels
1 Small school box 1 container Baby Wipes
1 box of gallon size ZipLoc baggies (girls)
1 box of quart ZipLoc baggies (boys) 
*No Trapper Keepers or mechanical pencils, please* *We will send a note when a supply 
item needs replenished.

Third Grade Supply List 
2 packages wide-lined loose-leaf notebook paper - no spiral notebooks 12 inch ruler 
(with inches and centimeters marked)
Number 2 pencils
Scissors (5 1/2 to 6 inch length)-Fiskars
Pencil box - no larger than 8 X 5
3 Highlighters (yellow, pink, blue)
Crayons and colored pencils
Multiplication Facts Flash Cards
1 box of 8 markers (basic colors)
Tissues-2 boxes
Wet Wipes 2 containers
Paper towels, 3 rolls
Ziploc Baggies (Boys - gallon size)  (Girls - sandwich size) (no snack size)
10 Glue Sticks (for the fall, and classroom teacher may ask for another 5-10 in January)
1 small Tacky Glue (Aleene is one brand.)
1-inch 3-ring binder with 25 page protectors
Post-it notes, 1 pack  
*No folders, Trapper Keepers or Large Notebooks, please* 


Fourth Grade Supply List 
3-ring binder (not a Trapper-Keeper!) - 1.5” max. – must have plastic pocket on front cover 
5 Pocket folders to fit 3 ring 1.5” binder
2 pkgs. Notebook paper, wide ruled
2 Large boxes of tissues 1 Roll of paper towels
4 Glue sticks
2 Boxes of pencils
2 Boxes of wet wipes
1 Black Sharpie marker
Colored pencils or crayons (24 max)
1 Zippered pencil pouch (NO SUPPLY BOXES)
1 Yellow highlighter
1 Orange or Pink highlighter
1 Blue pen
4-pack Multi-color Expo markers
1 old sock
1 box ORIGINAL Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
4 pack of Playdough (Ms.Debartolo class only)
Sandwich size baggies (last name A-H)
Gallon size baggies (last name I-P) Quart size baggies (last name Q-Z)