School and Parent e-Mail Communication

The Greeneview Board of Education encourages parents to participate in any and all forms of communication that will enhance their child's potential for success in school. E-Mail can be an appropriate vehicle for quick, uncomplicated messages to teachers or administrators when time and/or confidentiality are not critical factors. E-Mail is not an appropriate communication tool when a parent requires an immediate response or when the requested response would be highly sensitive and/or complex in nature.

While the Board encourages the use of e-mail and respects the privacy of all users, the Board cautions that due to the nature of the technology involved, and the public character of the Board's business, e-mail may be less private than users may anticipate or desire. Consequently, the Board cannot guarantee the confidentiality of e-mail communication.

Should a parent wish to engage in e-mail communication with his/her child's teacher, the Board requires that the parent review the waiver set forth below and return it to his/her child's teacher. Upon return of a signed waiver, the child's teacher will send a non-substantive e-mail message seeking verification of the specified e-mail address and confirming the parent as the recipient. Upon receipt of a response from the parent, the teacher will be authorized to respond to e-mail requests from the identified address.

Parent Consent To The Release Of Personally Identifiable Student Information via E-Mail
The Family education rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. and 1232g, and Ohio Student Records Law, R. C. 3319.321, prohibit the release of personally identifiable student records/information without the consent of a student's parent. Recognizing that transmission via e-mail may not be absolutely secure, I hereby consent to the School District's release of student records/information via e-mail in response to any request received from the e-mail address set forth below. While the School District will take precautions to avoid accidental release of personally identifiable student data, I recognize that the School district cannot assure confidentiality in all transmissions via e-mail. It is my intent that this Consent Form shall remain in effect, unless specifically withdrawn or modified in writing, for the entire school year. I further understand that it is my responsibility to notify the School District if my e-mail address changes.
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