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Winter Weather Decisions

We have received several questions regarding school delays and cancellations when temperature is the concern. Our School Closing Guidelines are posted under the District Information tab on the website. Please visit that page to read about the decision making process and how those decisions are communicated. 


We will cancel or delay school when the real temperature is below zero, due to the risk of diesel fuel gelling on buses. We mix fuel additives to our fuel to help prevent issues but gelling is a possibility as temperatures drop. We will delay or cancel school if the windchill is at, or below, -15 degrees. We monitor several weather apps and weather.gov to get an accurate rating for the windchill.


These values are not arbitrary but were chosen based off of the National Weather Service Windchill chart. It can be found in the Guidelines linked above. The chart shows -15 as the turning point for frostbite concerns. Below -15, frostbite is possible when skin is exposed to the elements for 10 minutes. With temperatures above -15, the threshold goes to 30 minutes of exposure.


We work very hard to monitor the weather and we attempt to make decisions that do not endanger children while also protecting instructional time at school. Please use caution when sending your children to school by making sure they are wearing a winter coat, hat, and gloves. 

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