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School Messenger Updates

Winter is just around the corner and we will have early morning school calls soon. We want to make sure you are prepared and we also want to ensure we are not calling great-aunts in Florida to wake them up with a call about snow in Ohio.  

With the implementation of OneView digital forms, we now have more accurate and detailed information on all students. We are reviewing all of our other platforms to make sure that we are using that information responsibly and efficiently. One platform we can improve is School Messenger. We made changes in October to only call Parents, Guardians, and people listed as "Lives With" on forms. We hope this will limit the amount of calls to unnecessary numbers. We recognize that you may not want to receive calls at your work number or that you may want to add a number for someone who is responsible for your children but not listed as one of those three categories. 

If you would like to manage the way you receive messages, which numbers are contacted, add additional numbers, or remove numbers from the call list then please visit http://www.greeneview.org/Content2/4. Two options exist for managing this information: an APP and an updated website platform. A detailed step-by-step process for both options can be found on the website. You will need to use the email address you used in OneView to find the students attached to your account. 

Even if you do nothing, a text message will be sent to all cell phones from School Messenger from "67587" on October 31st. If you would like to have your messages come in a text instead of a phone call, you can Opt-In to texts by responding to that message. If you prefer to not receive the messages in a text message, simply "Opt-Out" on the 31st. 

We hope this addition will allow you to have more control over how you receive information from Greeneview Schools. 

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