Update to Greeneview Mask Policy.

Update to Mask Policy.

To the Greeneview Local School Community,                                                             August 30, 2021


As we started this school year, my goal has always been to minimize disruption to learning. We know that in-person learning is the best method to educate our students, and I desire to keep our schools open.


Greeneview’s district leadership has closely monitored the following:


  • Proportion of COVID-19 cases involving students and staff
  • COVID-19 data in three areas: (1) percent of student absences, (2) percent of staff absences, and (3) rate of school nurse visits related to COVID symptoms by students and staff
  • Positivity rates and case counts in Greeneview Local Schools
  • Hospitalization admissions related to COVID-19


Over the weekend, we have observed an acceleration of positive student and staff cases. Additionally, Greene County Public Health released updated Guidelines for Quarantine after Exposure that require close contacts to quarantine. This change will also significantly impact our number of students in quarantine due to close contact.


At this time, our high school could expect up to a 20% absentee rate given our current positive case numbers and anticipated quarantines due to close contact. The sudden increase in conditions in all buildings over the weekend necessitates an intervention to keep our students in school. Effective Wednesday, September 1, 2021, all students and staff will be required to wear a mask in all school settings. This also applies to extracurriculars when students are not actively engaged. Spectators attending indoor sporting events or extracurricular activities will also be expected to wear a face covering.


We all desired normalcy as we started the school year. However, our data indicates we need to implement more stringent measures to keep students safe and in school. Please continue to conduct a self-assessment at home prior to coming to school or school events, and if you are sick, stay home. It is the hope that this will improve our trends. We will continue to review the data and will reevaluate our mitigation strategies on September 24, 2021.


We know that this is a change and will bring about questions. An FAQ document will be published tomorrow. If you would like to submit a question, please email questions@greeneview.org.  



Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Sabrina Woodruff, Ed.D.

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