Fitness Center


Greeneview Fitness Center
Located upstairs in the mezzanine area of the High School

Information for Participants




Fee Options:

  • Option #1 pay $ 2.00 per/visit
  • Option #2 pay $15.00 per/month *

* The one time $15.00 per/month begins on the first schedule workout day of that month and ends on the last schedule workout day of that month. 

The $15.00 a month fee is a non-refundable, must be paid in full and no exceptions. 



  • ONLY participants living in the school district are permitted, no children are permitted; students in grades 9th-12th are FREE.
  • ALL participants must have a signed release form on file.
  • ADMISSION charge must be paid each visit.
  • RESTROOMS located on first floor across from the office are available to use, no locker room access.
  • CARDIO-EQUIPMENT such as the treadmills, the bikes, and the elliptical has a time limit of 15-20 minutes if another participant is waiting to use it.
  • WATER fountain is located in workout area for use.
  • SUPERVISION and Instructions are provided by the Fitness Instructor.

Dress Code:

  • ATHLETIC shorts and t-shirts are recommended for both genders.
  • ATHLETIC shoes must be worn at all times. 
  • SPANDEX and sports bras worn alone and/or any other tight revealing items are not permitted.
  • TANK TOPS only if they have a 2-3 inch width band. 

Hope to see you soon…

For additional information contact Torrie Ankeney