2017 Transportation and School Times Frequently Asked Questions

2017 Transportation and School Times

Frequently Asked Questions

July 1, 2017


Why the Changes are Necessary


  • What is the purpose of these changes?
    • The district was seeking to resolve several ongoing struggles in our safe and efficient operation of a transportation department.
      • Overcrowding on lake and Jamestown routes
      • Long route times, nearly 2 hours, for students on the outer portions of our district
      • Current shortage of Bus Drivers and possible vacancies approaching that would further impact operation
    • By having parents declare ridership, we can build the routes to meet the actual needs of our district and not the potential ridership. This will allow us to balance the loads on our buses, which will reduce overcrowding and reduce route times.


  • How will this save the District money?
    • Full implementation of the plan will provide us the potential to remove 4 buses from operation on a daily basis. It costs the district $50,825 annually to operate a single bus. With the increased hours of employment for the drivers included in the calculations, the district will annually save $79,463 if it removes 2 buses, $119,195 if it removes 3 buses, and $159,927 if it removes 4 buses.
    • In addition to the ongoing operational savings of operating those buses, the district will be able to save on the replacement of those 4 buses. If we maintain the previous operation we would be forced to replace those 4 buses, due to their age, at a cost of approximately $85,000 per bus.


Notification of New Routes and Times


  • When and how will families be notified when the routes have been decided?
    • Forms were due by June 1st to establish ridership numbers. Our transportation department must create new routes and assign students to routes. That process will take place in June and July. All families who requested transportation will be informed in writing prior to August 1st the time, location, and bus that will transport their children.


Who Will Receive Transportation


  • How will transportation to the Greene County Career Center be impacted?
    • All GCCC students will have the option of pick-up from their homes in the morning on the route that runs to that location. All students will be transported to the High School and they will then load a shuttle that will take them to the Career Center.


  • How will transportation to the ESC Learning Center or Bellbrook campus be impacted?
    • All Learning Center students will have the option of pick-up from their homes in the morning on the bus that operates with an aide.  All students will be transported to the High School and they will then load a shuttle that will take them to the Learning Center.
    • All students who require transportation to Bellbrook for the Academy or Outdoor Advantage will have the option of pick-up from their homes in the morning on the route that runs to that location. All students will be transported to the High School and they will then load a shuttle that will take them to the Bellbrook campus.


  • How will transportation to Summit Academy Charter School campus be impacted?
    • Summit Academy is a charter school not affiliated with Greeneview Local Schools. Each year we assess feasibility of transportation based off of our routes and Summit starting and ending times. We are aware that Summit’s hours will be changing and we have not yet decided if transportation is feasible under this new system. If the Board deems that it is not feasible then we will offer payment in lieu of transportation in compliance with Ohio laws.


  • Will the District operate shuttles between buildings and to the weight room?
    • The district will continue to shuttle students between buildings if they must ride to school with an older sibling or a parent. This schedule will be published when the routes are finalized.
    • The district will continue to run an afternoon shuttle between the buildings and the weight room and stadium. Students must request this transportation through the transportation office so we can account for an accurate number of riders.


Open Enrolled Student Transportation


  • Is it possible for open enrolled students to receive transportation?
    • It has been Greeneview’s practice that Open Enrolled students can receive transportation if they can be brought to a bus stop on the boundary of the District. We will continue to offer this to our open enrolled families. Please contact the Bus Garage at 675-6806 if you would like to know the closest stop and to request this service.


  • Can the District help families set up carpool options or other forms of transportation?
    • For liability purposes we cannot be involved in the planning or establishment of these arrangements. We are working to find a way where people can post these types of requests in one place.


Before & After School Care


  • Why must there be such a large gap in the starting and ending times of schools? Why did it have to go HS/MS first?
    • According to Ohio law, high school and middle school students require 100 more hours of instruction per year than elementary students. This means that length of day for the high school and middle school must be longer.
    • According to the experts who advised in this process that we must have a 140-minute gap in the morning due to the large area we cover with our district.
      • We considered starting elementary earlier but that plan was not feasible based on the required length of days.
        • Elementary would then let out at 1:50 in the afternoon and the High School would not be able to let out until 4:20. This would result in an even larger gap with in the afternoon than in the morning. It would also put HS and MS students on the bus until after 5 PM.


  • How early can students be dropped off in the morning in each building?
    • Students will not be allowed into the buildings until staff members are present and ready to supervise them. If they need to be dropped off earlier then they must take part in the Champions program.
      • High School: 7:00 in the Auditeria
      • Middle School: 7:10 in the Cafeteria/Gym
      • Elementary School: 8:45 in the Gym


  • Will Before School & After School Care be provided for families that need assistance?
    • Yes, Greeneview is partnering with Champions Before & After School Programs. Information on this program can be found on the District website under “For Parents”. This program is not run by Greeneview Schools but will be held in the Elementary.
    • Transportation to the program from your home is an option. Please contact the transportation office at 675-6806 to arrange for this service. Young students will need to ride with older students so this should only be used as a last resort.


  • Will students be allowed to stay in the buildings after school before practices and events start?
    • Students will not be permitted to remain in the buildings unsupervised. Students will need to take part in the after school program or leave the buildings if there is a large gap between school ending and practices or events beginning in the evening.


Multiple Locations and Bus Passes


  • How firm is the District with one pick-up and drop-off location?
    • Bus Passes and Multiple locations has become a security and liability concern for Greeneview Schools. It is not possible to efficiently and safely accommodate a different location on a rotating basis.
    • Except for incidents where custody dictates different multiple residences, the district will remain firm that one pick-up and drop-off location will be used.


  • Will you continue to allow Bus Passes?
    • Changes to Transportation must be made in advance so we can ensure we have enough capacity on the bus to accommodate the request. The request must be made in writing and 5 days in advance. The transportation department will approve the pass and notify the parent and the school.
    • We understand that emergencies do occur and changes may need to be made last minute. Under these circumstances we will accommodate but there will be a limit of once per quarter for these last minute requests.