District Quality Profile

We are more than standardized tests results and this page highlights those successes Last Updated: 12/17/2019 5:11 PM

In this Quality Profile we want to show you how we invest each and every day in our students. It’s more than just the results of a standardized test, it’s about investing in the future leaders of our community and country. 


We believe in Excellence with Value by being good stewards of our community's investment in our schools, by reducing costs without reducing opportunities for students, and by investing in programs that make a difference for our students. The following publications are designed to highlight these qualities that make Greeneview Schools a great place to work and learn!


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Financial Facts


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Core Beliefs


Our staff is committed to these Core Beliefs as guiding principles: Building Relationships, Promoting Growth, and Driven by Goals. These serve as a framework for decision-making in the district. These Core Beliefs have become the processes by which we seek to achieve our ultimate goal of Student Achievement


About Our District


The Greeneview Local School District is located in rural southeastern Greene County, in an area characterized by gently rolling hills, small villages, fertile farmland, and quiet residential developments. Many of the district's students reside in the Shawnee Lake area. Other Greeneview Students reside in the villages of Jamestown, Bowersville, Paintersville, and Bloomington.


Located at the intersection of state Routes 35 and 72, the district is conveniently located thirty miles from Dayton, and about fifty miles from Columbus and Cincinnati. The economic base of the Greeneview Local District is supported by several small and medium-sized industries. Many local businesses are also active supporters of our schools and their activities.


The district is comprised of three schools: Greeneview Elementary School (K-4), Greeneview Middle School (5-8), and Greeneview High School (9-12). The preschool, which is run through the Greene County ESC, is housed at Greeneview Elementary School. Students in grades 7-12 have access to an alternative educational program, Bridge Academy, housed at Greeneview High School. Greeneview students participate in sports of forty-one different squads. The district is part of the Ohio Heritage Conference.


With a student enrollment of approximately 1,400 students, the district employs over 100 certified and 70 classified staff. The Greene County Educational Service Center services our schools and students with speech/language therapists, a school psychologist, and school-based mental health therapist services.


Boundary Map of School District


Greeneview by the Numbers


Our Food Service Department

  • Served 19,798 breakfasts in 2017-2018
  • Served 77,143 lunches in 2017-2018


Our Transportation Department

  • Safely drove 759 miles each day
  • Safely transported 725 students daily
  • Safely drove 278,041 miles in 2017-2018


Our Maintenance Staff

  • Cleans and Maintains 217,850 square feet of educational space daily
  • Maintains 25.7 acres of athletic practice and game fields
  • Maintains 51.8 acres of laws, parking lots, and planting beds associated with our 5 campuses