2019 Efficiency Study

Last Updated: 3/22/2019 1:15 AM

Beginning in December 2018, District Administration began to study the District's efficient use of staff, facilities, and resources. On Thursday, March 7th, the Board of Education and Administration held a community forum to discuss the results of this efficiency study and to discuss potential solutions to the identified areas of concern. This PRESENTATION document highlights the issues identified and two solutions that were considered by the Board of Education. 


The Administration has identified two solutions to address the identified issues. Details of these options can be found in the presentation listed above. 

  • Option A would primarily focus on the Middle School Schedule. This option would not move any grade levels to new buildings and would not share elective teachers between buildings. 
  • Option B would move 4th grade to the Middle School and 8th grade to the High School. This would create a K-3 Elementary, 4-7 Middle School, and an 8-12 High School, eliminating the need for shared elective teachers between buildings.


The event was recorded and broken down into the 15 minute videos below. Superintendent Seevers spent time introducing the topic, presenting options, and answering questions from the participants that evening.



On March 19, 2019 the Board of Education voted to move forward with Option A as step one of a Master Planning process. The Board will enter into a Facility Master Planning phase where we review necessary work remaining at Greeneview Elementary and compare that with the cost and benefits of facility expansion at the Middle School or High School campus. This PRESENTATION was presented at the March Board Meeting to discuss the current Finance and Facility status of the District.