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Last Updated: 1/25/2022 2:49 PM

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SMS Text Notifications and Parent's Flyer

SchoolMessenger is a mass notification system that can send phone calls, email, and text messages. It is the primary goal of the district to use this system to communicate important events, reminders, surveys, and cancellations with you. Here is some important information regarding this tool.


Contact Manager. If you are experiencing problems with the new SchoolMessenger system, please follow the link,, to the page to sign up for the Contact Manager page where you can choose which phone numbers you want to be placed on the list. Use the same email address your school has on record. If you wish to use a different one, please contact your school and ask them to update your email address.


Not receiving calls. If you believe that you are not receiving calls from this system, please contact the office of the building your child attends. If you have more than one child and they are in different buildings, it doesn’t matter which building you contact.


Primary Number. This system calls the PRIMARY number that we have on record for you. So if you have asked for your work number to be the PRIMARY contact number, this system will call that number. We have had phone calls from area businesses asking that their number be removed from our system because they are getting phone calls. The best PRIMARY number would be a landline number to your residence or a primary cell phone number if you do not have a landline. Work phone numbers should be listed as such and even though they may be your “primary” number during the school day, they should not be listed as your PRIMARY contact number. If the school district needs to get a hold of you during the day, or anytime for that matter, we start at the primary number and work our way down the list until we have reached you or someone on the contact list. Even though we may not be able to reach you during the day with your PRIMARY number, it is best to have your PRIMARY number be the landline number to your house or a family cell phone number. If you believe that you need to change this information, please contact the school building office.


Emergency phone calls. The system has the ability to call EVERY number in the system in case of an emergency. So if we initiate an emergency call, you may receive the call more than once because the system will call every number we have registered. This provides us with a way to send out an emergency message quickly and have confidence that it has reached the most people possible.


Email. We will periodically only send messages via email. Please make sure that you have a registered email address with the school so you can be sure to get the email notifications that we send out. Please stop in or call the school building office to register your email address. Or better yet, sign up for Contact Manager and your email address will automatically be registered with all systems. Every phone call will also have a corresponding email sent to allow you to listen to the message online. Please do not reply to the email notifications.


Caller ID and Phone Numbers. Our system has the ability to leave messages on voicemail and answering machines. However, due to the huge variety of these services, not all services are compatible with this. Sometimes the system will not be able to leave a message for a variety of reasons. Many people screen their calls or see a number on the Caller ID and hear no message left on either voicemail or an answering machine. If you see any of these numbers on your caller ID and the system did not leave a message, you can check your email (assuming you have an email address registered) and listen to the call through an email. Here are the phone numbers that will be used as the caller ID for a SchoolMessenger call... 


(888) 527-5225 Default Call from Greeneview Local Schools (make sure to not block this number) 


937-675-2728: District Wide Phone Call (this is our administration office phone number)

937-675-6867: Greeneview Elementary School

937-675-9391: Greeneview Middle School

937-675-9711: Greeneview High School


School Delays/Cancellations. We will also use this system for any school delays or cancellations. You could possibly receive a phone call very early in the morning of a school delay or cancellation. The message will contain any information regarding the delay/cancellation and it will also state the current date and time the message was recorded. This will help you confidently know that this is actually a call from the school district. We will continue to place any delay/cancellation information on the radio/TV as we have done in the past.


We are confident that this system drastically improves our communication to you. We have already seen increased responses in school activities and parent involvement. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the use of this tool, or if you have questions regarding the operation, contacts, etc, please contact with Subject School Messenger Issue.