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"The Technology Department at Greeneview Local School District believes technology is a resource that enhances the teaching and learning experience by empowering students and teachers. Technology provides faculty the tools needed to efficiently and effectively perform all the administrative and support requirements. It is the vision of the department to create an environment where students, teachers and staff members have safe, secure, and reliable access to technology that fosters creativity, critical-thinking and higher learning." 


2018 Summer Updates at Greeneview Local Schools

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Greeneview District Student Technology 1:1 Initiative 2018-2019

We believe the use of technology in the classrooms encourages individual learning and will prepare children to acquire the necessary skills to be ready for the workplace once they complete school.


Our teachers utilize Google Classroom to assign classroom activities and instruction to students. Other tools, apps, and resources can be found at our District Digital Content information. 


High School

Starting in 2018 each freshman will receive a new chromebook with case. They take this device home with them everyday to complete assigned school work.  The same chromebook assigned to the student will be assigned to them each year until graduation. Each student will pay a fee of $25 per year. At the end of each school year the student will turn in their device during the last week of school before summer break.

Starting for the Class of 2022 upon graduation if the student has attended Greeneview all four years of high school they will keep their assigned device after finalizing all student fees. For students that have not attended all four years of high school, they will have the option to pay additional payments equalling $100 for the device upon graduation.


  • Class of 2019 will get the option to pay an additional $75 upon graduation to keep their assigned chromebook.

    • Fee to be paid by May 16th 2019

    • If device fees are NOT paid in full by May 16th your device is to be handed back before the end of the day. 

  • Class of 2020 will get the option to pay an additional $50 upon graduation to keep their assigned chromebook.

  • Class of 2021 will get the option to pay an additional $25 upon graduation to keep their assigned chromebook.


In Depth details of the High School Chromebook 1:1 policy can be found here


Middle School

Starting in 2018 each 7th & 8th grade student is assigned a school device during the first 3 weeks of school. These assigned devices remain at school and do not travel home with them. During each morning students are released early to get their device from the charging cart. The device will travel throughout the day with the student. At the end of each day students return the device to the charging cart.

In Depth details of 7th & 8th Graders 1:1 policy can be found here


Links to Technology Policies and HS Chromebook Handbook





District Technology Director
Thomas Davis
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