Middle School District Property Turn In

One parent/student will Enter from the Exterior Door in the North Parking lot to the cafeteria. Return District Property, pickup any personal belongs left at the district. The Parent/Student will exit out of the cafeteria double doors, turn left then exit out the double doors to the Parking lot. 


District Chromebooks & Hotspots will be returned during these days and times

Make sure to return the charger, case, & device.

HotSpot make sure to return the box, device, & charger. 

Fee's will be applied for non-returned items

Charger $25

Chromebook $200

Case $30

HotSpot $100


Drop Off Times Listed Below per grade level. Elementary Parents will only return district devices to the Middle School. 

Middle School Students Books & Device Drop off

May 20 6th & 8th graders 8am-2pm

May 21 5th & 7th graders 8am-2pm

May 22 all grades 5-8th 8am-12pm

Elementary Students Device Only Drop Off

May 20th - 8am-2pm

May 21st - 8am-2pm

May 22nd - 8am-12pm

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