Virtual Learning Switch from Lincoln Learning

This week, the Greeneview administration has been working on a switch from our kindergarten through fifth grade virtual learning platform. The issues with Lincoln Learning were widespread and we attempted to work through those complications but ultimately felt that we needed to move on from the platform to provide our students with an opportunity to be successful. We discussed the issues and our approach in-depth during the Board Meeting this past Thursday. Please take time to watch the Board Meeting video if you are interested in the issues and our District's response. YouTube link to Thursday, September 17th meeting. 


As a district we have used MindPlay and Ascend in our classrooms in the past. Ascend is an individualized math program that begins with a student placement assessment and then builds an individualized learning path for each students. MindPlay is a virtual reading program that will also begin with a student placement assessment and will work through a research-based reading program. Each program was selected due to their individualized approach because we are confident they have the ability to provide the necessary structure to assist our learners who are struggling and provide stretch for those learners that are excelling. We believe these programs will provide our students with instruction that is student-centered and focused on their unique learning path.


In addition to MindPlay and Ascend we will provide writing workbooks, virtual science labs, links to supplemental programs used by our students in school that provide opportunities to explore their interests and develop skills, and access to social studies resources that match what is taking place in our schools. We believe this blend of paper-pencil and online resources will be more engaging for our students. We have found no program that provides all of these resources with one login, so we worked to assemble them all in one location on our website. While this website is not yet finalized, we would encourage you to check out the link below to see what we are working on. Details and requirements of the program will be shared early next week. 


The following videos are intended to show demonstrations of the math and English programs we have selected to replace Lincoln Learning. 

  • - website where virtual resources and links can be accessed (not yet finalized)
  • MindPlay and Ascend demonstrations - Overview of the program, platforms, and demonstrations of MindPlay and Ascend
  • MindPlay KG Assessment and Lesson - Live demonstration by one of our staff members and a kindergarten student taking the placement test and a reading lesson. This is a reading lesson for kindergarten learners and you will see that it does require parent involvement at this early age with developing readers. The program


If you are happy with the Lincoln Learning platform and wish to stay with that program, you are welcome to do so. We will support that decision, grade your assignments, and provide you with support throughout the semester. We will need to know by Friday, September 25th if you intend on staying with Lincoln Learning. 


If you would like to switch from Lincoln Learning, you may be stop using that platform at this time. We would encourage you to have your child engage with the supplemental learning opportunities on our webpage as we finalize the program. Ascend and MindPlay has assured us they can get us logins by the middle of next week. 

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