New Plans for Old Board Office

Using funds specifically collected for permanent improvements, the Greeneview Local School District has adjusted facility use to maximize space and efficiency.


On February 15, 2019, Greeneview schools celebrated the one-year anniversary of the first board meeting held in the new Board of Education facility at 4800 Cottonville Road. The move was designed to acquire much-needed office and meeting space in a location more centrally located to Greeneview Middle School and Greeneview High School. The district’s administrative offices permanently moved to the facility in July of 2018.  


The building at 4800 Cottonville Road was purchased for $230,000 from an area bank which had taken possession of the vacant building. The building was purchased using permanent improvement funds, or money that can only be used for expenses that will last longer than five years. Permanent improvement money by law cannot be used for operating expenses.


Bill Stapleton, CEO of Home City Federal Savings Bank in Springfield, told district officials he knew it would be a good fit because the trademark blue roofs of the high school and middle school buildings can be seen just outside the facility. The 9,000 square foot office building is situated on more than five acres of land, between the high school and middle school campus and just 1.6 miles from Greeneview Elementary.


The District maximized its investment in the building by using maintenance staff to complete necessary repairs and spent $70,091 on new flooring, fresh paint, doors/locks, parking lot repairs, technology upgrades, and new board meeting and conference room furnishings. District maintenance was used to change all light fixtures to more efficient LED fixtures instead of using our lighting contractor who is performing the same work in our school facilities. The interior of the board office facility features seven office spaces, a conference room, a secure records storage room, a finished kitchen, two handicap accessible restrooms, and more than 1,000 square feet of meeting space. The open meeting area will be used for board meetings, staff professional development, and other community meetings.


Third Grade students visit new Board Office on Field Trip























Nearly half of the 9,000 square foot facility, which once housed Wheel Constructors and American Buildings Company, was leased to Kettering Physicians Network to house the newly-formed Jamestown Family Practice. Kettering Health transformed the vacant space by adding 11 patient rooms, three patient restrooms, added additional parking spaces, and updated the lighting and HVAC systems. These renovations were paid for by Kettering Physicians Network and KPN entered into a three-year lease agreement with the district for the space.


The acreage will be utilized as district soccer practice facility this fall. Currently, the school’s soccer teams practice on land owned by Twist Manufacturing. The new office location is adjacent to Seaman Park and the practice facilities will be a huge benefit to our students and will reduce the amount of land we are mowing on properties not owned by the District. Work is being completed this spring to level this field and prepare it for our athletes. 


The former board of education facility at 4 South Charleston Road will be converted this spring in order to transform the office space into a weight room for student use. The district has utilized its maintenance staff to perform demolition in the office space, which was built in 1984 and has housed the board of education since that time. This space is nearly 500 square feet larger than our current weight room and will provide our students with a climate-controlled space for use in the summer and winter months. The District will work with the athletic department, boosters, coaches, and youth programs to make the necessary finishing changes in the old office facility in order to accommodate the new purpose. This change will allow for future development of the cramped fieldhouse facility to provide a dedicated wrestling practice room, larger locker rooms, a dedicated athletic training room, and a meeting room for teams. More information on the fieldhouse project will be shared in the future. 


Old Board office facility with interior walls removed














The District previously investigated the possibility of using the former board office space to house preschool programs to free up space in the elementary school. Working with the staff from Reutschle Architects to create draft plans for those renovations, it was determined by District architects that the total cost would be more than $450,000. The building would require upgrades to the HVAC, electric, and plumbing systems. In addition, recent building code changes would require a tornado shelter capable of withstanding an F5 tornado and must include a restroom facility inside the shelter in order for it to be used for classroom space. The Board of Education decided those dollars could be put to better use at other District facilities.


Greeneview continues to work diligently to take care of our existing school facilities in addition to the much-needed changes to our office and athletic spaces. 

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