November 11th Superintendent Update

Back up. Mask up. Wash Up. Greene County Schools

Greetings Greeneview School Community,


This week I had the opportunity to join a conversation with Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and other school leaders from across the state. The purpose of the call was to prepare for the beginning of winter sports, but we spent a considerable amount of time discussing the current state of COVID-19 in Ohio. I wanted to share several key takeaways from this conversation.

  • It is not their intention to delay or close anything, BUT if the trajectory of the spread continues in the next month, like it has in the past month, then we will see cancellations of things. Schools are not necessarily going to be the target of those restrictions or closures, but they will have pressure to make changes.
  • Early on, our issues were more focused in the urban areas. We are now seeing our biggest spread in our rural communities. Our rural health capacity is not as robust as the urban centers and we are seeing smaller facilities stressed by the rising numbers.


We have done an excellent job inside of our buildings to protect staff and students and we continue to see good results from those efforts. I am proud of the leadership and guidance of our staff as they work every day to meet the educational needs of our students while also working to keep each other safe. I am proud of our students’ willingness to comply with the health and safety guidelines. The work of our people has allowed us to be in person, at school, for 11 weeks. We must stay the course!  


We have known from the beginning that schools are a reflection of their communities. If the virus was prevalent in our community, then it would be prevalent in our schools. We know the virus is becoming more prevalent in our community and the effects will begin to be felt in our buildings if we are not vigilant. The health department has consistently said that their contact tracers are tracing spread back to social gatherings where people are not staying socially distant or wearing a mask. We believe that the efforts we are making in our schools are working to keep our staff and students safe, but we know that people let their guard down in more casual settings. If we want to keep our schools open we must apply the same attention to detail outside of school that we do inside.


In response to the meeting with Lt. Governor Husted, I recorded this video message for our community. It highlights the current efforts taking place in our schools, our successful start to the school year, a look ahead to winter, and some encouragement for all of us as we continue to deal with COVID-19. Please take some time to watch this video. Link to Video




Isaac W. Seevers, Superintendent

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