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AdamsJim  -  Custodian 937-675-9711 Ext: 339
[Email] for Jim Adams [Profile] for Jim Adams
AndresKatelyn  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 444
[Email] for Katelyn Andres [Profile] for Katelyn Andres
ArrigoJames  -  Food Service Cook 937-675-9711 Ext:
[Email] for James Arrigo [Profile] for James Arrigo
ArthurBeth  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9711 Ext: 345
[Email] for Beth Arthur [Profile] for Beth Arthur
AtkinsAmy  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 118
[Email] for Amy Atkins [Profile] for Amy Atkins
AtkinsRon  -  Bridge Academy Director 937-675-9711 Ext: 216
[Email] for Ron Atkins [Profile] for Ron Atkins
BakerMindy  -  Accounts Clerk 937-675-2728 Ext: 508
[Email] for Mindy Baker [Profile] for Mindy Baker
BallardAmy  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Amy Ballard [Profile] for Amy Ballard
BeamMolly  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 343
[Email] for Molly Beam [Profile] for Molly Beam
BernardFaye  -  Teacher 937-675-6768
[Email] for Faye Bernard [Profile] for Faye Bernard
BolenLori  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 153
[Email] for Lori Bolen [Profile] for Lori Bolen
BowersoxLaura  -  Counselor 937-675-9391 Ext: 104
[Email] for Laura Bowersox [Profile] for Laura Bowersox
BowmanCindy  -  EMIS Coordinator 937-675-2728 Ext: 507
[Email] for Cindy Bowman [Profile] for Cindy Bowman
BraddsGabby  -  Building Aide 937-675-9391 Ext: 142
[Email] for Gabby Bradds [Profile] for Gabby Bradds
BrandenburgJay  -  Mechanic 937-675-6814 Ext:
[Email] for Jay Brandenburg [Profile] for Jay Brandenburg
BrooksAnastasia  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 425
[Email] for Anastasia Brooks [Profile] for Anastasia Brooks
BryantAngela  -  Teacher 937-675-9711
[Email] for Angela Bryant [Profile] for Angela Bryant
BryantJessica  -  Classroom Aide Ext:
[Email] for Jessica Bryant [Profile] for Jessica Bryant
BurrTom  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 312
[Email] for Tom Burr [Profile] for Tom Burr
BuschMichael  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 333
[Email] for Michael Busch [Profile] for Michael Busch
BushAmanda  -  Preschool Aide 937-675-2728 Ext:
[Email] for Amanda Bush [Profile] for Amanda Bush
ButtsVanessa  -  Cook 937-675-9391 Ext: 145
[Email] for Vanessa Butts [Profile] for Vanessa Butts
CallewaertWendy  -  Principal 937-675-9391 Ext:
[Email] for Wendy Callewaert [Profile] for Wendy Callewaert
CampbellDebbie  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 407
[Email] for Debbie Campbell [Profile] for Debbie Campbell
CantyMike  -  Custodian 937-675-6867 Ext: 472
[Email] for Mike Canty [Profile] for Mike Canty
CarverBecky  -  Cook 937-675-9391 Ext: 138
[Email] for Becky Carver [Profile] for Becky Carver
ClarkDebbie  -  Secretary 937-675-9711 Ext: 202
[Email] for Debbie Clark [Profile] for Debbie Clark
CoatesMarcia  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 416
[Email] for Marcia Coates [Profile] for Marcia Coates
CoeChristine  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Christine Coe [Profile] for Christine Coe
CoeJulie  -  Building Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Julie Coe [Profile] for Julie Coe
CollinsAndrew  -  Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Andrew Collins [Profile] for Andrew Collins
ConnerClint  -  Maintenance Supervisor 937-675-2728
[Email] for Clint Conner [Profile] for Clint Conner
CraynonCarlee  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 119
[Email] for Carlee Craynon [Profile] for Carlee Craynon
DaltonRegina  -  Cook 937-675-9391 Ext: 145
[Email] for Regina Dalton [Profile] for Regina Dalton
DavisThomas  -  Technology Director 937-675-2728 Ext: 105
[Email] for Thomas Davis [Profile] for Thomas Davis
DayBrenda  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Brenda Day [Profile] for Brenda Day
DeWittBrittany  -  Communications Coordinator 937-675-9711 Ext: 313
[Email] for Brittany DeWitt [Profile] for Brittany DeWitt
DimidikDebbie  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Debbie Dimidik [Profile] for Debbie Dimidik
EngleAmy  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 340
[Email] for Amy Engle [Profile] for Amy Engle
EvansAimee  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 151
[Email] for Aimee Evans [Profile] for Aimee Evans
EvansAudra  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Audra Evans [Profile] for Audra Evans
FergusonMatt  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 350
[Email] for Matt Ferguson [Profile] for Matt Ferguson
FifeKelli  -  Secretary 937-675-9391 Ext: 100
[Email] for Kelli Fife [Profile] for Kelli Fife
FischerHeather  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 443
[Email] for Heather Fischer [Profile] for Heather Fischer
FitzsimmonsAmy  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 162
[Email] for Amy Fitzsimmons [Profile] for Amy Fitzsimmons
FordStacia  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 341
[Email] for Stacia Ford [Profile] for Stacia Ford
FulkKyle  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 348
[Email] for Kyle Fulk [Profile] for Kyle Fulk
FunkThelma  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Thelma Funk [Profile] for Thelma Funk
GardnerNikole  -  Secretary 937-675-9711 Ext: 215
[Email] for Nikole Gardner [Profile] for Nikole Gardner
GarringerAmy  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 126
[Email] for Amy Garringer [Profile] for Amy Garringer
GarringerJulie  -  Building Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Julie Garringer [Profile] for Julie Garringer
GarringerTeresa  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 342
[Email] for Teresa Garringer [Profile] for Teresa Garringer
GenesiDeanna  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 408
[Email] for Deanna Genesi [Profile] for Deanna Genesi
GeorgeCraig  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 128
[Email] for Craig George [Profile] for Craig George
GeorgeJacob  -  Special Education Supervisor 937-675-2728 Ext: 108
[Email] for Jacob George [Profile] for Jacob George
GillMarie  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 409
[Email] for Marie Gill [Profile] for Marie Gill
GodloveLeah  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 154
[Email] for Leah Godlove [Profile] for Leah Godlove
GreenwoodJaden  -  Teacher Ext: 414
[Email] for Jaden Greenwood [Profile] for Jaden Greenwood
GuessKristen  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 403
[Email] for Kristen Guess [Profile] for Kristen Guess
GuilbertKathleen  -  Food Service Supervisor 937-675-9711 Ext: 332
[Email] for Kathleen Guilbert [Profile] for Kathleen Guilbert
HainesMarsha  -  Treasurer's Assistant 937-675-2728 Ext: 509
[Email] for Marsha Haines [Profile] for Marsha Haines
HainesRyan  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 308
[Email] for Ryan Haines [Profile] for Ryan Haines
HartDiana  -  Secretary 937-675-6867 Ext: 460
[Email] for Diana Hart [Profile] for Diana Hart
HassidMegan  -  Assistant Nurse 937-675-6867 Ext: 464
[Email] for Megan Hassid [Profile] for Megan Hassid
HayesBill  -  Principal 937-675-6867 Ext: 463
[Email] for Bill Hayes [Profile] for Bill Hayes
HeifnerKaren  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Karen Heifner [Profile] for Karen Heifner
HeimRegina  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 122
[Email] for Regina Heim [Profile] for Regina Heim
HeldChayse  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 327
[Email] for Chayse Held [Profile] for Chayse Held
HellingKay  -  Building Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Kay Helling [Profile] for Kay Helling
HilderbrandBonnie  -  Cook 937-675-6867 Ext: 481
[Email] for Bonnie Hilderbrand [Profile] for Bonnie Hilderbrand
HivnerCheryl  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 445
[Email] for Cheryl Hivner [Profile] for Cheryl Hivner
HollingsworthAmanda  -  Teacher Ext: 158
[Email] for Amanda Hollingsworth [Profile] for Amanda Hollingsworth
HookSam  -  Teacher 937-675-9391
[Email] for Sam Hook [Profile] for Sam Hook
HoopBonnie  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9391 Ext: 122
[Email] for Bonnie Hoop [Profile] for Bonnie Hoop
HornEmily  -  Teacher 937-675-9391
[Email] for Emily Horn [Profile] for Emily Horn
HoyleTheresa  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 347
[Email] for Theresa Hoyle [Profile] for Theresa Hoyle
IrvinBecky  -  Secretary 937-675-9391 Ext: 101
[Email] for Becky Irvin [Profile] for Becky Irvin
JohnsonAmy  -  Teacher 937-675-6768
[Email] for Amy Johnson [Profile] for Amy Johnson
JohnsonSharon  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 401
[Email] for Sharon Johnson [Profile] for Sharon Johnson
JonesCarolyn  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 117
[Email] for Carolyn Jones [Profile] for Carolyn Jones
JuhantSarah  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 314
[Email] for Sarah Juhant [Profile] for Sarah Juhant
KasnerHeather  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9391 Ext: 157
[Email] for Heather Kasner [Profile] for Heather Kasner
KasnerNeal  -  Principal 937-675-9711 Ext: 205
[Email] for Neal Kasner [Profile] for Neal Kasner
KeenerZachary  -  Teacher 937-675-9391
[Email] for Zachary Keener [Profile] for Zachary Keener
KlawonnRosemary  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Rosemary Klawonn [Profile] for Rosemary Klawonn
KloostermanDaniel  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 328
[Email] for Daniel Kloosterman [Profile] for Daniel Kloosterman
KramerCathy  -  Cook 937-675-9711 Ext: 332
[Email] for Cathy Kramer [Profile] for Cathy Kramer
KratzerCarrie  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Carrie Kratzer [Profile] for Carrie Kratzer
LeeDebbie  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 161
[Email] for Debbie Lee [Profile] for Debbie Lee
LeonardKim  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 157
[Email] for Kim Leonard [Profile] for Kim Leonard
LitkeMelissa  -  Classroom Aide Ext:
[Email] for Melissa Litke [Profile] for Melissa Litke
LucasAbbie  -  Teacher Ext: 437
[Email] for Abbie Lucas [Profile] for Abbie Lucas
MacauleySusan  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Susan Macauley [Profile] for Susan Macauley
MandrykTom  -  Psychologist Ext:
[Email] for Tom Mandryk [Profile] for Tom Mandryk
ManorAlicia  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 447
[Email] for Alicia Manor [Profile] for Alicia Manor
MattMark  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 331
[Email] for Mark Matt [Profile] for Mark Matt
MayesAnita  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 418
[Email] for Anita Mayes [Profile] for Anita Mayes
MccloudAnna  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 156
[Email] for Anna Mccloud [Profile] for Anna Mccloud
McclureKristen  -  Transportation & Maintenance Assistant 937-675-6814
[Email] for Kristen Mcclure [Profile] for Kristen Mcclure
McCormackAmy  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 424
[Email] for Amy McCormack [Profile] for Amy McCormack
McGrathJacob  -  Treasurer 937-675-2728 Ext: 512
[Email] for Jacob McGrath [Profile] for Jacob McGrath
MillerStephen  -  Custodian 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Stephen Miller [Profile] for Stephen Miller
MoffittShana  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Shana Moffitt [Profile] for Shana Moffitt
MooreJulia  -  Building Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Julia Moore [Profile] for Julia Moore
MooreJulie  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 450
[Email] for Julie Moore [Profile] for Julie Moore
MorganTommy  -  Transportation Supervisor 937-675-2728 Ext: 502
[Email] for Tommy Morgan [Profile] for Tommy Morgan
MorrisRelna  -  Building Aide 937-675-6867 Ext: 450
[Email] for Relna Morris [Profile] for Relna Morris
MorrisSteve  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Steve Morris [Profile] for Steve Morris
MyersAndrew  -  Technology Specialist 937-675-2728 Ext: 517
[Email] for Andrew Myers [Profile] for Andrew Myers
NaguyRachel  -  Ext:
[Email] for Rachel Naguy [Profile] for Rachel Naguy
NeumullerFrancine  -  Building Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Francine Neumuller [Profile] for Francine Neumuller
NevilleChris  -  Custodian 937-675-9391 Ext: 147
[Email] for Chris Neville [Profile] for Chris Neville
NolenTodd  -  Asst. Principal 937-675-9391 Ext: 103
[Email] for Todd Nolen [Profile] for Todd Nolen
OglesbeeMendy  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 141
[Email] for Mendy Oglesbee [Profile] for Mendy Oglesbee
OldsTrent  -  Teacher 937-675-9711
[Email] for Trent Olds [Profile] for Trent Olds
PateDalton  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 417
[Email] for Dalton Pate [Profile] for Dalton Pate
PatePaige  -  Transportation Ext:
[Email] for Paige Pate [Profile] for Paige Pate
PersingerCathy  -  Supt. Sec 937-675-2728 Ext: 505
[Email] for Cathy Persinger [Profile] for Cathy Persinger
PickeringTerry  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 477
[Email] for Terry Pickering [Profile] for Terry Pickering
PowersAmy  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9711 Ext:
[Email] for Amy Powers [Profile] for Amy Powers
ReedDeana  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Deana Reed [Profile] for Deana Reed
ReffittKim  -  Counselor 937-675-9711 Ext: 213
[Email] for Kim Reffitt [Profile] for Kim Reffitt
RichBrooke  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 321
[Email] for Brooke Rich [Profile] for Brooke Rich
RinehartMark  -  Athletic Director 937-675-9711 Ext: 208
[Email] for Mark Rinehart [Profile] for Mark Rinehart
RobinChris  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 326
[Email] for Chris Robin [Profile] for Chris Robin
RogersBeth  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 412
[Email] for Beth Rogers [Profile] for Beth Rogers
RowlandAllen  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 315
[Email] for Allen Rowland [Profile] for Allen Rowland
RutherfordCynthia  -  Secretary 937-675-6814 Ext: 501
[Email] for Cynthia Rutherford [Profile] for Cynthia Rutherford
SageVicki  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9711 Ext:
[Email] for Vicki Sage [Profile] for Vicki Sage
SargentJeannie  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Jeannie Sargent [Profile] for Jeannie Sargent
SharpeDustin  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 329
[Email] for Dustin Sharpe [Profile] for Dustin Sharpe
SheltonMatthew  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 124
[Email] for Matthew Shelton [Profile] for Matthew Shelton
SimonMegan  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 325
[Email] for Megan Simon [Profile] for Megan Simon
SmithDavid  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 121
[Email] for David Smith [Profile] for David Smith
SnivelyNatalie  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 402
[Email] for Natalie Snively [Profile] for Natalie Snively
SonnycalbMichelle  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Michelle Sonnycalb [Profile] for Michelle Sonnycalb
StewartDean  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 344
[Email] for Dean Stewart [Profile] for Dean Stewart
SuttonMelissa  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 x435
[Email] for Melissa Sutton [Profile] for Melissa Sutton
SwaimLauren  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 406
[Email] for Lauren Swaim [Profile] for Lauren Swaim
SweetRobyn  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 346
[Email] for Robyn Sweet [Profile] for Robyn Sweet
TackettStacy  -  Custodian 937-675-9391 Ext: 135
[Email] for Stacy Tackett [Profile] for Stacy Tackett
TerrillCindy  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 127
[Email] for Cindy Terrill [Profile] for Cindy Terrill
TeynorTina  -  Building Aide 937-675-9391 Ext: 131
[Email] for Tina Teynor [Profile] for Tina Teynor
ThompsonPaul  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 324
[Email] for Paul Thompson [Profile] for Paul Thompson
TigheMichael  -  Asst. Principal 937-675-9711 Ext:
[Email] for Michael Tighe [Profile] for Michael Tighe
TravisBillie Jo  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 x502
[Email] for Billie Jo Travis [Profile] for Billie Jo Travis
UpchurchTina  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Tina Upchurch [Profile] for Tina Upchurch
VinsonDale  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 123
[Email] for Dale Vinson [Profile] for Dale Vinson
VippermanKrista  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9391 Ext: 124
[Email] for Krista Vipperman [Profile] for Krista Vipperman
VoglRebecca  -  Transportation 937-675-6814 Ext: 502
[Email] for Rebecca Vogl [Profile] for Rebecca Vogl
WaggonerAlicia  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-6867 Ext:
[Email] for Alicia Waggoner [Profile] for Alicia Waggoner
WalkdenBeverly  -  Curriculum Director 937-675-2728 Ext: 109
[Email] for Beverly Walkden [Profile] for Beverly Walkden
WalkerKylie  -  Secretary 937-675-6867 Ext: 459
[Email] for Kylie Walker [Profile] for Kylie Walker
WamboldDawn  -  Teacher 937-675-9391
[Email] for Dawn Wambold [Profile] for Dawn Wambold
WarnockNancy  -  Nurse 937-675-9391 Ext: 106
[Email] for Nancy Warnock [Profile] for Nancy Warnock
WeidelDella  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 152
[Email] for Della Weidel [Profile] for Della Weidel
WheelerJanet  -  Teacher 937-675-6867 Ext: 405
[Email] for Janet Wheeler [Profile] for Janet Wheeler
WicklineDoug  -  Teacher 937-675-9711 Ext: 337
[Email] for Doug Wickline [Profile] for Doug Wickline
WiesertJillia  -  Classroom Aide Ext:
[Email] for Jillia Wiesert [Profile] for Jillia Wiesert
WillettBrenda  -  Building Aide 937-675-9711 Ext: 309
[Email] for Brenda Willett [Profile] for Brenda Willett
WilliamsJake  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 125
[Email] for Jake Williams [Profile] for Jake Williams
WilsonDulcy  -  Classroom Aide 937-675-9391 Ext: 155
[Email] for Dulcy Wilson [Profile] for Dulcy Wilson
WinkleSue  -  Teacher 937-675-9391 Ext: 159
[Email] for Sue Winkle [Profile] for Sue Winkle
WoodruffDr. Sabrina  -  Superintendent 937-675-2728 Ext: 506
[Email] for Dr. Sabrina Woodruff [Profile] for Dr. Sabrina Woodruff
ZipesJeff  -  Counselor 937-675-9711 Ext: 212
[Email] for Jeff Zipes [Profile] for Jeff Zipes