Middle School Gym Floor Repair

Water damage to Gym Floor at Middle School





In August, our volleyball coaches discovered standing water in the sleeves that hold the volleyball poles in our Middle School gymnasium. The water was removed and the area was assessed to determine where the water was coming from. There were no noticeable leaks at the time and the hole has not retained water since this time. The maintenance and athletic staff have continued to monitor the floor this fall and the floorboards have begun warping. This area was outside of the main volleyball court but it would potentially impact the basketball court. 


It was determined that the water was introduced to the flooring system by a defective water fountain that was addressed last spring. Last school year, a water fountain in the storage area of the Middle School gym leaked overnight and there was water standing on the floor. The water was removed from the area and the water fountain was replaced. The gym floor company believes that the water entered the system and has traveled to the low spots in the gym. The underlayment is still holding water and that is causing the gym floor to swell and buckle.


We have filed an insurance claim and have been approved for a repair of the gym floor. Cincinnati Flooring, the original installers of the gym floor are now onsite to remove the damaged floor boards and subfloor. They believe the damage is confined to a 1,000 square foot area but they will remove as much of the damaged floor as necessary to completely remediate the issue. They estimate this will take 3-4 weeks for this repair and we have just been cleared to start the project. The gym floor was a special order maple parquet floor and it took several weeks to be shipped. 


For the next few weeks crews will be onsite to remove the damaged flooring, replace the flooring, and to paint and seal the floor. We will communicate if there are times that the gym is completely off limits, but we have been told that we can continue to use the gym for classes and practices on the one end of the floor. Mr. Rinehart is working with High School, Middle School, and Youth Basketball coaches shuffle tryouts and practices to different locations for the time-being. Please pay close attention to the locations of practices and tryouts. In order to get the access to the floor sooner, we will not be refinishing the entire floor in this initial phase of the repair. This summer, we will sand and refinish the entire floor. At this point in time, all phases of this repair are being covered by insurance. 


Please be patient with us as we work to resolve this issue. This damage was caused by a leak and not by deferred maintenance or poor installation.

Area of Gym Floor Damage Where water originated from

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