On October 30th, students in all three of our buildings will be involved in a required active-intruder crisis drill. 


Three drills are required by Ohio Department of Education for public schools for three distinct purposes; a lockdown drill, evacuation drill, and an active shooter/intruder drill. All students have been participating in fire, tornado, and lockdown drills for several years, and this will be the third year for the active intruder drills, as required by Ohio Revised Code. 


Our staff has been trained in a nationally recognized crisis reaction protocol referred to as ALICE training. Students will be taught the principles of “Run, Hide, Fight”. 


The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost concern for our Board, administration, and staff. In an attempt to provide the most secure buildings possible, our Board of Education has committed to the decision to place an armed police officer in each building to help ensure safety of our staff and students. These officers are a first line of defense, and they would reduce the response time in an emergency from minutes to seconds. We also purchased MARCS radios for each of our buildings so we could have a direct line of communication with law enforcement in the event an emergency event takes place. We have also made investments in school crisis software for first responders and staff members, added secure entry systems in all of our buildings, and updated surveillance systems. Even though we have taken all of these precautions, we must educate and equip our students to be prepared should a threat be present in one of our buildings. 


Our students will be viewing these videos on the day of the drills. Elementary students will take part of a lesson based on the book I’m Not Scared...I’m Prepared by Julia Cook. This book can be requested at the Greene County Public Library or the video of the book can be viewed at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqN-KWeP6zw. The students will also watch this short video on the day of the drill and it will reinforce the lessons of the book. https://youtu.be/F4vmSsgkhHc


Our younger Middle School students will watch this video in preparation: https://youtu.be/5VcSwejU2D0

Portions of our Middle School and all of our High School will watch this video in preparation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvwna1DaV_g&t=93s


Detailed information on the drill and other safety precautions can be found in Superintendent Seevers’ letter to the community


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