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Greetings Greeneview Community:


I have heard it said that “a lot can happen in a year” is a statement of hope. When we say it in anticipation, it serves as a reminder that with the right focus, effort, and discipline a lot of good can happen. For us, we look back on the past year, and we can celebrate that much has happened in the past year. I choose to see that we have accomplished so much as a district. It is a matter of perspective! We can choose to focus on what was lost in the past year, or we can celebrate what we have accomplished and that gives me hope for the future of Greeneview Schools.


I will always remember sitting quietly in a high school office on March 12, 2020, listening to Governor DeWine’s press conference to learn the fate of schools in Ohio. As he announced that schools would close at 5 PM on March 16, I went running from the office to assemble our administrative team to put our plan together. We had been gathering information for weeks, but it was time to act. I am thankful we chose to come to school on Friday and Monday, so we could prepare ourselves for remote learning. We expected to return after the 3-week shutdown to flatten the curve. As we sit here one year later, I look back at those two fearful days as crucial to our success. Thank you for trusting us in those early days and throughout the past year!


I owe a great deal of success and gratitude to our administrative team for their leadership in those initial days. Their leadership guided our staff and empowered them to be creative to meet the needs of our students during the shutdown. Thomas Davis, our Technology Director, worked hard to ensure students had devices and internet and worked to train our staff to use this new technology. Our classroom teachers transitioned their instruction from the classroom to the internet within one week. We would never advise that abrupt change, but we had to respond quickly, and I am extremely thankful for their willingness to do whatever was necessary. Our secretaries and aides made meaningful contact with students and regularly checked in with our community. Our custodians and bus drivers worked to maintain our school buildings and grounds. Our food service employees prepared and distributed food to our community. All of them played a role to ensure that students were cared for, taught, and fed as we all faced an unprecedented shutdown. We have great employees who care for this community and I hope our community never forgets the care they have shown. I hope none of us ever grow tired of showing our appreciation for each other. I hope for a future where our staff is willing to try new things, where we are all willing to pitch in to serve our community, and where our parents and staff work together to meet student needs at home and at school.


            Last March I made a video from the makeshift office in my basement, and I asked our community to be disciplined in our response to the shutdown. I shared a quote from Abraham Lincoln that says, “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” For me, what I wanted most was to return to school and some sense of normalcy. I received many notes after that message where members of our community shared what they wanted most: to play sports, to see their children graduate, or to be able to hug their grandparents. We have continued to make decisions based on the best information we have at the time and in line with the guidelines set forth. I want to thank our community and our students for their discipline. As a result, we have been able to teach and learn in person this school year, finish fall and winter sports seasons, and hopefully host other end-of-the-year events. Your willingness to comply with the health protocols on our campuses has kept us open and without any major outbreak. The same cannot be said of other schools, and that success is directly related to the leadership of our staff, compliance of students, and the partnerships with parents. We are nearing the 4th quarter, and it is time to finish strong. Stay the course. What we have been doing in our buildings has been successful!


A lot has happened in the past year! I am choosing to be thankful for the past year in my personal life and in the life of our district. It has helped us grow as a community and a school district. Instructionally, we are better off today as a result of this shutdown. We see students as individuals, who have unique learning needs, and we are working to meet their individual needs. Thank you for trusting us to lead this community through this pandemic in the past year. Thanks to your discipline we are getting to enjoy some of the things we want most.




Isaac W. Seevers, Superintendent


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